Smart Water Treatment Plant

Supercharge Old Water Equipment to Work Better

AIpoint Environmental Solutions help both drinking water and wastewater treatment plants boost performance and hit sustainability targets. Our products used the AI-Precision Dosing and Precision Sensing Defense, saving on chemical costs, no manual dosing is required, reducing false alarms and cutting operating costs.

AIpoint Water Treatment Experts

TVBS - Revolutionary AI Technology Aids Chemical Plant Wastewater Treatment to Achieve Water Conservation Benefits

AI Sensor Comprehensive Defense System and Precision Dosing Technology Solve the Water Crisis


Water Environment Sustainability

  • Patent | AI Precision Dosing
  • Patent | AI Precision Defense System
  • AI-based Early Warning & Decision-making

Smart Sludge Conditioning System

  • AI-based Sludge Grade Identification
  • Patent | AI Precision Dosing

Precision Smart Aquaculture

  • Patent | AI Precision Feeding
  • Patent | AI Precision Defense System
  • AI-based Early Warning & Decision-making

Smart Water/Electricity Audit System

  • Real-time Electricity Usage Visualization
  • Real-time Carbon Emission Visualization
  • Vulnerability Analysis and Improvement Recommendations.

MBR/RO Membrane Smart Protection System 

  • AI Precision Predictive Anti-Clogging
  • AI Precision Predictive Water Production Rate 

Digital Twin System

  • Water Treatment Process Simulation
  • Optimization of Simulation Processes

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Solve water issues with AIoT Smart Predictive Decision-Making Systems.