System Advantages

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions for Ecological Sustainability
  • Minimize Chemical Pollution
  • Reduce Labor and 10-30% Operational Costs
  • Enhance ESG and SDGs

Visualized Cloud Platform System

Application Case

AI Precision Dosing in Taiwan Water Corporation

Pain Point

During the water purification process, there may be human errors in the manual dosing of chemicals.

Solution Benefits

  • Increased water production by 20%
  • Reduced Reduced usage of chemicals by 30%
  • Reduced wastwater by 40%

The left image shows water with high turbidity during a typhoon, the middle image shows raw water, and the right image shows clean, clear water after using the AI precision dosing system.

A Water Company using the AI precision dosing system produces water so clean it reflects the bright sky.

Originally high turbidity water during typhoon periods can maintain clarity with the use of the AI precision dosing system.