System Advantages

  • 30% Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction
  • Real-time information on water quality during typhoons and earthquakes
  • 50% Reduction in Manual Inspection
  • Over 99% Reduction in False Sensor Alarms

Visualized Cloud Platform System

Application Case

Aquaculture Industry AI Precision Defense System

Pain Point

The detector is unreliable, causing frequent alarms, requiring manpower to be dispatched to the site to confirm water quality conditions, preventing automatic linkage with system equipment. The linkage of system equipment, such as water wheels and water exchange valves, results in unnecessary energy consumption and carbon expenditure due to frequent false alarms, undermining trust in the water quality monitoring system.

Solution Benefits

  • Reduction of false alarms, with accuracy exceeding 99%
  • Immediate early warning during typhoons and earthquakes, reducing disaster losses by 90% and increasing harvest rates by 10%
  • Reduction in manual inspections due to false alarms, saving 730 hours per person per year
  • Precise detection of water quality anomalies, with automatic adjustment of water wheels and water exchange valve systems, saving approximately 43,800 kWh of electricity annually

Using the AI precision feeding system, aquaculture water quality is maintained at its best.

Under the monitoring of AI precision feeding and an automatic early warning system, the harvest rate is no longer affected by natural disasters, ensuring stable improvements.