AI Smart Water Plant Deployment

  • Comprehensive Planning from Design, Construction to Trial Operation
  • Digitalization Operation
  • Aligned with Carbon Reduction Objectives

Water System Digital Transformation 

  • Collection of Water Quality
  • Data Deployment of Fully Automated Monitoring System
  • Establishment of Intelligent Warning and Treatment System 

Smart Water/Electricity Audit System

  • Data Collection
  • Establishment of a Visual System for Real-time Monitoring
  • Big Data Creation to Establish Energy Baseline Indicators
  • AI Intelligent Analysis and Optimization Strategies

Enhancing Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment and Recycling 

With decades of operational experience in semiconductor plant systems at TSMC and advising over 400 companies across industries.

  • Conducting Efficiency Health Check-ups on Water Treatment and Recycling Systems
  • Improving Water Quality
  • Conducting Energy-saving and Carbon Reduction Assessments

Circular Economy Reuse in Manufacturing Processes 

  • Full Planning from Planning/Design/Construction to Trial Operation
  • Digitalization Operation
  • Carbon Reduction Design 

Sampling Analysis Commission 

Water Quality Sample Testing and Analysis (Certified by University Water Quality Center) 

Digital Twin System

Simulates water treatment and water recycling systems in the digital world, representing real-life physical conditions, reducing development and maintenance costs.

AI Education and Training

  • Corporate AI Foundation Education Training
  • Corporate Digital Transformation Education Training
  • Product Education Training and Technical Guidance