System Advantages

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions for Ecological Sustainability
  • Minimize Chemical Pollution
  • Reduce Labor and 10-30% Operational Costs
  • Enhance ESG and SDGs

Visualized Cloud Platform System

Application Case

AI Precision Dosing in a Chemical Plant

Pain Point

The prevalent issue among most chemical plants is the lack of real-time human inspection and testing inaccuracies, leading to abnormal dosing and unstable water quality. The excessive and unreasonable use of chemicals like PAC and Polymer results in significant sludge production, failing to achieve effective emission reduction. 

Solution Benefits

  • Increased water recycling by 20%
  • Reduced usage of chemicals: polymer by 27%, NaOH by 36%
  • Reduced carbon emissions by 22%
  • Decreased sludge production by 40%
  • Reduced labor for sampling by 900 hours/year
  • Decreased time spent on water quality analysis by 2,400 hours/year

Implementing AI precision dosing reduces both chemical and sludge volumes.