Privacy Policy

Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

1. Purpose

AIpoint platform (hereinafter referred to as "the platform", including all sub-platforms) places great emphasis on the privacy of our customers and the protection of their personal data has always been our top priority. Except as otherwise provided by law or regulatory authorities, the collection, processing, or use of your personal data by our platform will strictly adhere to this Privacy Policy. To ensure your peace of mind while using the services offered by our platform's website, we would like to explain our privacy protection statement and the measures taken to protect your data.

2. Collection of Personal Data 

For purposes related to marketing, customer management, and service, the platform will collect data (name, company name, job title, mobile number, password, address, date of birth, and other necessary information) and information from mobile devices and their peripherals in connection with transactions and projects, following the "Personal Data Protection Act" and other relevant legislations.

3. Use of Personal Data

Your personal data is strictly safeguarded by the platform. The processing and utilization of data will be conducted in compliance with the aforementioned legislation and within the regulations established by our platform for data authorization management (including but not limited to internal operations, management, statistics, etc.).

4. Information Sharing 

The platform will use legal security measures to protect the information provided by users. Without the user's permission, the platform will not disclose user information to any unrelated third parties, except in the following cases:

  1. When requested by regulatory authorities following legal procedures.
  2. For the purpose of public safety.
  3. Due to the user's improper confidentiality of their information, leading to the disclosure of user data.
  4. To protect more important rights or property of other users of the platform.
  5. Other special or emergency circumstances.

5. Use of Cookies Technology 

When users visit the platform equipped with Cookies technology, the platform's server automatically sends Cookies to the user's browser and stores them on the user's computer hard drive. Thus, Cookies are responsible for recording various operations, browsing habits, credit records, etc., of users when they revisit the platform. By using Cookies technology, the platform can provide you with more considerate personalized services and timely provide information of interest or save passwords for users.

6. Amendments to the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy 

In response to changes in legislation, social changes, and technological advancements, the platform will revise this statement from time to time without individual notification. Please regularly review the platform's Privacy Protection Statement to safeguard your rights.


By using the platform, you agree to comply with the AIpoint User Terms and Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy. Before using the platform, please read the User Terms and the following disclaimer carefully. If you do not accept this statement, please stop using the platform immediately; otherwise, it will be considered as full acceptance of this statement.

The platform bears no responsibility for any disputes or losses that may arise between you or a third party when using the platform. The platform is established for environmental protection purposes, and relevant environmental laws and legal information should still be considered and referenced by you. The platform bears no responsibility for any penalties imposed by regulatory authorities due to the acquisition of incorrect information by you. The platform bears no responsibility for any damage to you or a third party caused by technical failures or force majeure reasons leading to connection anomalies. The platform reserves the final right of interpretation and disposal.